Castleford Tigers New Website

So today we unveiled what has been a labour of love for us recently. The brand new Castleford Tigers website.

Naturally with all launches of this kind there are some issues. We definitely encountered a few with this launch! But overall we're really happy with it. Most people seem to be liking it which is wonderful as a creative agency to hear.

Of course it's only the first step for us, we've got a whole lot more to do, including the launch of the new look shop and the accompanying new mobile site. Yes to all those people complaining it's not responsive. Our choice. We wanted to do something more bespoke and different. As a designer you know how you want your product to turn out and sometimes that means doing things differently. We decided with this site we wanted to create a unique experience on the desktop and on mobile. Some people believe that every website has to be responsive. No it doesn't. Every website should be perfect for whoever it's made for and that doesn't mean responsive. Often responsive websites end up looking the same and formulaic. Which was a compromise we just weren't prepared to make. For any Tiger fans reading this, we're sorry but if you wait a little longer for the new mobile site. We promise it's going to be worth the wait.

This project for us is not a done, sit down and forget about it job. We're not just the developers, we're also the Tigers design partners. We'll be working on this website doing things, launching new features and making kickass graphics. As long as Cas want us too. This is just the first step in our bid to make the Tigers the best looking team in the Super League.

If you have any feedback, especially any ideas about what you want to see added to the site, then please don't be shy! We have a contact form and we've love to hear from you. If you've not seen the site then please do check it out at Naturally we're excited about this first step but we're even more excited about all the great things we have planned that are yet to come. Stay tuned it'll be worth the wait.